Wahlen Kitchen, Keruing

Annika Rowson, of Rowson Kitchen and Joinery, is a confessed Plymasters Keruing fan. Along with other notable earlier projects, it features in Annika’s stunning 2018 “Wahlen kitchen”. This is a very sleek and uncluttered, yet disarmingly homely space, which Annika says was created for Scandinavian clients looking for a contemporary European feel.

Annika said the clients opted for an open, but hidden pantry; “it’s something we’re finding increasingly popular”, and also wanted to avoid having visually-disruptive appliances, such as fridges, in the kitchen itself. The resulting clean lines speak for themselves.

It also serves to highlight the island. Clad in Keruing, with a suede finish stone top, it is more a crafted piece of furniture than any part of a conventional kitchen layout.
The design contrasts the white, chevron-patterned tiles on the splashback, with the richness of the ply. “It warms the kitchen,” Annika says. The cathedral ceiling also features Keruing ply, bringing together a restrained palette that gives the sensation of very liveable luxury. Annika says the textured finish of the ply is a stand-out quality. “A lot of people don’t realise it’s ply. It’s also super-durable and cost effective.

“It’s a great material to use, and to work with.”

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