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For over a decade, Plymasters has been specialising in supplying various types of plywood to builders, architects and joiners in Auckland, Christchurch and all-over New Zealand.

As a professional plywood distributor, Plymasters ensures that every product distributed is made to the highest quality. From residential to commercial buildings, our hardwood and softwood ply suits various fit-outs in different properties. Our plywood for sale can be used to construct stylish and sturdy kitchen fit-outs for homes and restaurants. Some of our hard plywood can also be used in fishing vessels and Utes as they are made to withstand the tough conditions these vehicles are exposed to. With our comprehensive range of plywood for sale, you will have a range of options from which to choose for your next building project.

Not only do we supply various kinds of plywood, but we also supply veneered boards, high-pressure laminate panels and acoustic architectural linings. As with our plywood, these products are also made to the highest quality to ensure you meet your clients’ expectations. Browse through our range of products to find the best raw materials for your next project.

Have you ever wondered how Plywood is made? Click on the link below for a fantastic insight to the Sveza Birch Plywood manufacturing process.


Rich colours and subtle colours. Hardwoods and softwoods. Strength and flexibility. As ply suppliers, we get the best from nature creating a more beautiful, more liveable world around us. Today and for generations to come.

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