Techno Veneers - Flexible Decorative Panels

Milled Veneer

 Plymasters are proud to offer this exclusive range to our loyal customer base, specifically chosen for the New Zealand market. Italian produced, these Techno Veneers have an incredible variety of design possibilities to create the perfect contemporary, unique and sought after ambiance. Suitable for Wall Linings, Curved applications, furniture and cabinetry. 

The Milled pattern runs vertical on the panel. Veneer finishes are available on Oak and American Walnut and also MDF suitable for painting. Please see brochure for Specifications and Installation instructions. The Milled veneer has an radius of up to 150mm.

*Half sheets available on request

Panel Products

Info SKU Dimensions Weight Grade Pack Size Sheet Price range Qty Total
Milled Oak (Paperback) V31-MOk 3130x1220 x 5.6mm 10.0 Kg F/PB 15 In stock
1-8: $1,745.00
9-pack: $1,745.00
Pack: $1,745.00
Milled Walnut (Paperback) V31-MWt 3130x1220 x 5.6mm 10.0 Kg F/PB 15 Ring for ETA
1-8: $1,745.00
9-pack: $1,745.00
Pack: $1,745.00
Milled Pattern (MDF) V31-MMdf 3000x1200 x 5.6mm 15.0 Kg Sanded 15 Low stock
1-8: $798.00
9-pack: $798.00
Pack: $798.00

Prices are exclusive of GST. Pricing shown as per each costs.