PLYMASTERS – Layers of experience

Plymasters specialise in plywood,  veneered boards, HPL panels and architectural linings.

Have done for over a decade.

We’re an intergenerational New Zealand company, which means our knowledge, and the relationships we’ve worked hard to build are passed on. That benefits our clients, our communities and Kiwi businesses. And, as with our products, those bonds are our strength.

You’ll see Plymasters products in a range of places. Some you’d expect. Some you wouldn’t. What they have in common is that there’s been a lot of care go into them. From high-spec, award-winning homes (interiors and exteriors), to restaurants to commercial buildings and even fishing vessels.

All made possible by Plymasters putting some of the world’s best products right on your doorstep.



Our hearts are in this business
We put our hearts into everything we do. No-one will care more about your job than we do. 

Honesty is vital
We’re honest. With ourselves. And with you. All our dealings are transparent and, if we do make an error, we’ll make it right.

Without trust, life and businesses are
empty. We’ve built trust into everything, and everyone, we deal with.

Commitment drives our relationships
We’re here when you need us. Guaranteed.
And we work hard to be the best in our industry.

This is the planet we all share. We try to find better ways of doing things, so we can help you protect it.

Technology changes, times change – we make sure you’re up to, or ahead of, the pack



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