Smaller Kitchen Keruing

Smaller kitchen by Annika Rowson of Rowson Kitchen and Joinery is part of an extensive renovation of a classic 1900s villa.
Changes to the kitchen design included consigning the fridge to a combined laundry and scullery - a growing trend.

Now in a completely new position, the sympathetically designed kitchen uses Plymasters Keruing to create a welcoming look, integrating the main work area and complementing the use of a gentle, dove grey in paint work and stone.

Pendant lights are a gracious nod to the 1900s while working well in the modern setting. Annika’s eye for detail, along with her affection for Keruing, have helped create a unique, and very beautiful space. “It’s modern, with a twist. The Keruing works seamlessly with the other materials, without competing with them.”

Annika works closely with clients and is open to unlimited interactions and consultations, something she believes contributes to a successful outcome. “There’s no time limit.” “It’s also really important to understand your clients’ style and to do things beautifully with a thoughtful approach to both the selection of materials and specifications.”

Products Used: