Ruru House

Custom-building quality joinery is all in a day’s work for Moriarty Studios’ Paul Moriarty and his staff. But, even so, Ruru House is something a little special. The architecturally-designed early learning centre just outside the picturesque town of Lepperton in Taranaki, has achieved a look that is warm, welcoming and more home-like than any conventional educational buildings.

The quality focus appealed to Paul who says woodwork was always his passion. “It’s what I wanted to do.” He honed his craft fitting out super yachts before returning home and beginning his own business.

For the joinery in Ruru House, Paul decided on the honey-tones of Plymasters’ NZ Pine for storage cupboards, cubbies, kitchens, and reception furniture; all perfectly complementing the building’s walls and ceilings. Plymasters’ Supalam was used for cupboard interiors. Paul says the choices allowed the project to successfully balance budget, practicality, and visual appeal.

Moriarty Studios had worked with Plymasters previously and Paul said he was more than happy to have them as an important part of this local project.

Products Used: