Hawkes Bay Toyota

Hawkes Bay Toyota showcase Flameshield Poplar plywood.

Flameshield Poplar plywood is a ground-breaking product and an aesthetically pleasing and practical solution for the brand-new Hawkes Bay Toyota show room in Napier. It’s lightness and durability make it a very attractive material to use.

Ian Seddon, a Designgroup Stapleton Elliot architect designed the showroom with great flair.

construction company, Gemco fitted out the building with a middle strip of Flameshield Poplar which complemented the white soundproof ceiling panels. Additionally, Gemco have clad the beams in the fire-retardant product. The beams have been stained to create a visually appealing contrast look with the panels of Flameshield Poplar ply.
The Flameshield Poplar range surpasses increasingly stringent fire regulations for commercial and public buildings, including restaurants and schools. The Flameshield Poplar is decorative, but could also be used as a substrate, or be painted or stained. The Poplar cores and faces are from controlled and sustainable European plantations.

Because the fire-challenging properties of the product are intrinsic (Each ply veneer of the Flameshield Poplar is soaked in a fire retardant, rather than having a treatment painted on), it can be sanded or machined without losing any of its retardant qualities. Give us a call today to use this versatile material in your next build.

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