Cusp Furniture

The creativity and design that originates from The Cusp are unique. This Queenstown based furniture business is manned by two good friends, Kim and Stephen who find enjoyment and get a thrill out of composing and producing their natural inspired pieces.

Six years ago, they started making furniture part-time while still working other jobs but have gone full time in the last three years as their desire and need to share the craft with others increased.

The Plymasters product utilised in their furniture range of side tables, coffee tables and bedside shelves is the Euro Birch Multiply. This product is the perfect material to create furniture, as they have very fine details in their Multiply edges.

Stephen says the Euro Birch Multiply “can be relied on as the edge has next to no voids and it has the consistency desired in creating that smooth on-edge look and feel.”
The Cusp’s furniture inspiration draws on the natural beauty around them, the Remarkable Ranges and Queenstown’s sweeping vistas. Using natural resources carefully is important to them and their respect for the environment shows in their material selection and waste minimisation.
Kim and Stephen’s imagination has no limits when it comes to using Plymasters Euro Birch in creating edgy and inspired furniture. Keep an eye on this busy duo – there’s lots more to come!

Products Used: