Looking to replace your bench top?

Recommended product: Bamboo Panel

Bamboo Benchtops

Bamboo is a fantastic renewable resource and with its phenomenal strength it is a great choice for furniture and cabinets. It is 30% harder than oak and is resistant to molds, termites, and warping.

Our 30mm Bamboo panels are the perfect thickness for benchtops and desktops. Simply cut your panel to your required size and then sand and finish.

Our recommendations:

The core is a sandwich and vertical layup giving your benchtop eye catching edge detail.

The three simple steps to preparing your new Bamboo Benchtop:

  1. Cut your benchtop to size using a circular saw or bench saw
  2. Sand all cut edges in preparation for the next step. We recommend using a fine grit sandpaper
  3. Finish the Bench Top with a natural wood oil. We recommend Osmo products for the best finish

Color options available:

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