Meranti Plywood

Marine Grade

Product Description

The Meranti Marine plywood is highly sought-after in Auckland, Christchurch and all of New Zealand due to its impact resistance, bending strength and surface finish characteristics. Very attractive, with an irregular grain pattern, and colour that can vary a little, this veneer is rotary cut. This type of plywood has water resistant properties and is regarded as one of the most cost-effective options for interior plywood applications.

Meranti BS1088 Shorea spp. covers all levels of boat and marine plywood standards in NZ for high spec joinery projects. Meranti Premium has the same marine glue specs as BS1088 and is popular in high-end and general joinery work. (Colour matching can vary.)


  • Joinery and Furniture
  • Boat Building
  • Kitchen Cabinetry
  • Marine Cabinets
  • Wall Linings


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Handling & Application Information

Being a short grain hardwood, sharp tooling and gloves are essential. Colour variation is common in this product and it is the purchaser’s responsibility to match as realistically as possible. Meranti is not guaranteed for exterior use. Plywood is a natural product that can be affected by changes in weather conditions: moisture and temperature. Increased moisture content or temperature variation may cause internal stresses causing previously flat sheets to bow.

At Plymasters, precautions are taken to minimize this effect. However, once the plywood has left our warehouse we cannot guarantee sheets to remain flat unless fastened. This is particularly important where free standing kitchen/cabinet doors are concerned. When storing panels, stack on a firm raised base with enough support to prevent sagging. Cover the pallet to protect top and edges.


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