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Joinery & Marine

Euro Birch UV Lacquered

Designers and joiners alike love this product for its face quality, 20% Gloss UV finish and fine multi-ply edge grain detail. This sees Euro Birch used primarily in high-end architectural applications.

It is constructed using a special high quality Euro Birch with a clear UV topcoat. It saves time on preparing the surface so you can finish your joinery application or wall lining more efficiently.

Panel Products

Info SKU Dimensions Weight Grade Pack Size Sheet Price range Qty Total
9Ply K2112-UV 2440 x 1220 x 12mm 23.6 Kg B/BB 33
1-8: $216.16
9-pack: $193.00
Pack: $167.83
13Ply K2118-UV 2440 x 1220 x 18mm 35.4 Kg B/BB 22
1-8: $297.45
9-pack: $265.58
Pack: $230.94

Prices are exclusive of GST. Pricing shown as per each costs.