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Product Description

The Classique Plywood Range is specifically designed for the wall and ceiling lining application. With a poplar plywood core you get a very lightweight panel that is very easy to handle and install. The canadian oak which is a red oak, has the same attractive grain as the white oak, but with a more reddish tinge in colour.

This is a decorative interior product that is Non structural.


  • ceilings 
  • wall linings 
  • Feature walls 
  • Feature ceilings 
  • Lightweight cabinetry 

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From $125.36 *Prices exclude GST
 Canadian Oak
Canadian Oak
 White Oak
White Oak
 Classique Birch
Classique Birch
 Classique Birch Pre
Classique Birch Pre


Code  Size  Thickness  Info  Grade  Pack Size Price
V2II2-C 2440 X 1220 12mm Canadian Oak AB Poplar Core 45 139.62
V2II2-W 2440 X 1220 12mm White Oak AB Poplar Core 45 148.09
V2112-B 2440 X 1220 12mm Euro Birch AB Poplar Core 45 125.36
V2112-PRE-B 2440 X 1220 12mm Euro Birch- PRE Clear PRE-Finished 45 150.92
V2II8-C 2440 X 1220 18mm Canadian Oak AB Poplar Core 30 203.15
V2II8-W 2440 X 1220 18mm White Oak AB Poplar Core 30 204.68

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