Waikato Hospital

Project Description

Walking through Waikato Hospital’s entrance, it would be hard to miss the eye-catching Hoop Pine used in the vital acoustic panels, staircases, and soaring feature walls.

Fraser Currie, from Plymasters, says the demanding project was one of the largest the company has been part of, using 293 panels of varying shapes and sizes. 

Hoop Pine was selected for its consistent grain, lightness and warmth. “The team was looking to break the monotony of ‘hospital white’ in the centre of the building, and to highlight the striking architecture.”

While aesthetics are important, the use of the ply is also functional particularly in the custom-built Hush Panels from Cooper Webley, which help absorb the sound and reduce the echo in the very busy, open space.

Fraser says service was important to the project’s success. “We needed to be responsive, and to work closely with the contractors and the Auckland-based architects. “It was amazing to be involved.”

Products used for this project:

Hoop Pine

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