Thornton Kitchen

Project Description

The major renovation of a traditional, 1930s weatherboard home demanded a sensitive touch in the kitchen, bringing it into the 21st century, while maintaining a welcoming warmth.

For Cooper Webley designer Craig Hooper, and his clients, the choice of ply was easy. “The owners had done their homework and were looking for someone who shared their vision. We specialise in high-end domestic joinery, and I knew I could rely on Plymasters to bring quality to the project.”

In addition to its visual appeal, the lacquered Euro Birch is virtually maintenance free: An important consideration for a busy family of five.

It is also both complements other materials in the kitchen, and adds its own, distinctive character. The fine grain detail is beautifully captured on the edge of the waterfall bench, while each individual ply panel reflects the light in a slightly different way.

“I love it” Craig says. “It’s exactly what I wanted to achieve.” 

Products used for this project:

Euro Birch

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