Taylor Kitchen

Project Description

Annika Rowson of Rowson Kitchen and Joinery only recommends products she’d have in her own home. So, does that include the Plymasters Keruing, which features in this project? “Absolutely. I like to be able to say; I’ve used this myself.”

The multi TIDA winner says she and the client were looking for a mid-century, eclectic vibe which the Keruing helps anchor - bringing balance and texture to a high-ceiled space with sleek marble floors, and black cabinetry.

Where Keruing is featured, its character, durability and grain are unselfconsciously showcased. From the gravity-defying open shelves to the distinctive custom slats on the bench end.

Annika says she, and husband Brad, are very particular about materials and the way they are used. Each slat was cut individually, using varying thickness of ply, and placed randomly to achieve the effect and impact.

This “natural kitchen with a twist” delighted the clients and confirmed Annika’s passion for ply. 

Products used for this project:

Keruing Brownwood

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