Smiths City store fit-outs

Project Description

Simon Dickson of GDM Retail Systems says the resurgence in interest in NZ Pine ply started around 2008/9 is showing no signs of letting up. “We’ve used it for a number of clients. It’s a real ‘go-to’”.

Plymasters NZ Pine was the choice for Smiths City’s new look, “greenfields” stores. The format, launched in Hastings, will be rolled out nationwide.

Simon says ply is true to the ethos behind using timber minus the weight and cost. “It’s strong, easy to work with, is ‘best-both-sides, and people like the warm, rich honey colour.”

The Smiths City store layout uses the ply for a number of floor fixtures including teleco.s , customer service, and customer interactive areas. The NZ Pine helps make store navigation easy, and gives it a distinctive look, which also reflects the company’s Canterbury heritage.

The new look has been very well received by the company and its customers with feedback including a flat-out “we love the store”.

Products used for this project:

NZ Radiata Pine

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