Rowson Show Kitchen, New Plymouth

The drama and elegance that Plymasters Beam Smoked Oak veneer brings to one of Rowson Kitchen and Joinery’s show kitchens is memorable; even defining.

Annika Rowson, who is one of New Zealand’s foremost kitchen designers, says the Beam Smoked Oak has everything that is on point – the imperfections offering texture, richness and depth. “It really has a beautiful grain.”
“More and more clients are asking for veneer and embracing honesty in finishes.” Annika has combined the veneer with a palette which makes the colour stand out while providing a backdrop to the detail of the beautifully and delicately realised hand-fluted island surround.

Annika says she sees veneers as leading a trend away from solid black in kitchen design towards a more characterful effect, paired with neutrals and layers of texture.
“Neutrals are classic and timeless, then you can use barstools, lighting and other props as highlights.”

Travertine, which also features in the kitchen is another increasingly popular material which works well with the veneer and is stylish but understated and very durable. Annika says feedback on social media has been overwhelmingly positive, something she attributes to the warmth and application of the materials.


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