NZ Horse Ambulance

Project Description

New Zealand Horse Ambulance Trust


Dunedin-based, specialist transport engineering company, TL Maclean, were commissioned to design and manufacture a very special project: A horse ambulance.

The 95 year old company has developed a reputation for bespoke assignments as General Manager Daryl Dunbar puts it; “We’re known for thinking a bit outside the square.”

Daryl says Managing Director, Barry Armour, is good at coming up with ideas, and while the company’s bread and butter tends to be car transporters, tip trucks and ute decks, the 12-person team will turn their hand to almost anything.

The request for the ambulance came from a collective of vets and Racing NZ and the resulting design is now in demand throughout the country. Daryl is also pleased that the innovative design, which includes a hydraulic suspension that enables it to “kneel” to help the horse enter, has been entirely produced in Otago.

Europ Gripdeck ply from Plymasters has been used in the floor and walls of the horse ambulance. Daryl says the company had worked with Plymasters products for ute decks previously. “The ply is good, hard-wearing and looks smart, that’s why we decided to use them.”

12mm Euro Gripdeck ply was used on the sides of the ambulance and 21mm on the floor.

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