Morrinsville Heritage Centre

Project Description


Eastern Waikato Joinery have worked in and around Morrinsville for a long time. That’s one of the reasons they were chosen to work on a historically-significant project for the Morrinsville Heritage Centre. As owner Paul Bennett says; “they wanted someone local.”

The result of the commission is a series of stunning display cabinets that celebrate the tradition of Māori king-makers built using Keruing Brownwood ply 28mm sheets.

It might seem a bit of a leap from kitchens to museums, but Eastern Waikato Joinery owner Paul had a background working at the Hamilton Museum. That being said, this was one of the more complex jobs he’s ever been called on to do. There were some changes along the way, lighting had to be incorporated, and then there was the sheer scale of the installations – all on a budget.

The completed cabinets suggest a waka with sails depicted as soaring fins with the edges giving the effect of palisades.

Products used for this project:

Keruing Brownwood

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