Meridian Office Twizel

Project Description


Scenic Solutions Ltd brings Euro Birch Multi-ply theatre to Meridians Regional Office


Scenic Solutions Ltd specialise in designing and manufacturing anything out of the ordinary, and this project was no different. Meridian Energy’s Regional Office in Twizel wanted a fresh new take on a community space, an area where school groups and visitors can come in and learn about the development and culture  of the town of Twizel and Hydro assets of the area, browse resources and learn about the geology and history of the region.

Andrew Hampton from Scenic Solutions Ltd was inspired by Martin Fensom’s (Production Manager at Harvey Cameron Advertising) concept drawings inspired by kārapi (a maori fortress or fence) and the natural and stunning environment that surrounds Twizel area. Scenic Solutions mainly specialise in the theatre, film and events industry but solving problems is what they pride themselves in, and this project showcases how this concept drawing came to life.

The product used in abundance here is Plymasters Euro Birch Multiply, showcased in multiple sizes. A CNC machine cut out the Mountain scene on Euro Birch 4mm Multiply and curved it round the wall dividing the space to create open rooms. ‘Fins’ were curved into open walls that were used to separate areas, one an office (with cabinet and desk made from Euro Birch) and the other walls used as a framework for a learning space.

“Moving around the curved office gives a real unique sense of an open feeling as the ‘fins’ of the area create new perspectives everywhere you look’ – Andrew from Scenic Solutions says. Euro Birch fins in 17mm were used here and the railings that held the fins up at the top were two curves of 12mm ply laminated together to creating a thicker edge to hold them all together.

Designers and joiners love Euro Birch for its face quality and fine multiply edge detail, and as showcased beautifully and uniquely here in this remarkable commercial fit out.

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