Highlands Motorsport Park, Cromwell

The Highlands Motorsport Park is a world class motor racing circuit and premiere tourist destination in Cromwell, Otago. In early 2021, multi-national entrepreneur Tony Quinn revealed his latest innovation at the Highlands Motorsport Park; Loo with a View!. The toilets all have one-way glass which gives guests a stunning view of the race-track and surrounding mountains. Each toilet has a different theme and is instantly Instagramable.

Plymasters Rustica Chopped Oak panels are ap plied in the hallway to the quirky Loo’s. This unique veneer features on the skirting boards as well as the prominent bulkhead and multiple skylights. Chopped Oak is an exceptionally rustic veneer with a deeply textured face. Indentations and imperfections, chops and scratches, have been roll - pressed into the sheets to give them a historic feel.

The mismatched oak is laid in a random pattern to complete the look. This panel has been stained to recreate a weathered old appearance imitating reclaimed timber. Local business, Breen Construction is the company behind this build, and they covered every aspect of this project delivery.

Products Used: