Kingsway School Fitout

Project Description

The library fit-out for the Kingsway Junior Library Campus in Red Beach - Auckland, is as imaginative as it is welcoming for its young readers.

40mm Euro Birch Ply was used by Craftbuilt Industries to create the striking fins that frame a spectacular reading “Nook”. Tactile and beautiful, Euro Birch is also tough enough to take the inevitable accidental knocks that come when children are active in any space, and will keep the library looking great for decades.

Craftbuilt Industries owner, Simon Raikes, says the project was an exciting one. Lead contractors INT Workspaces from Hawkes Bay which specialise in bespoke library projects suggested three potential designs to the school. The one that was ultimately approved was the most “out there”, Simon says.

The result has been a success. “The school is very, very happy with it.”

Simon has loved and worked with timber most of his life, “It’s great to work with, it’s warm and soft to the touch, and it’s renewable and sustainable. It’s also about creating something lasting.” 

He says Plymasters’ service was excellent. “We’d initially thought about laminating two sheets of ply together, then they mentioned the 40mm which was a great time saver, their product was excellent, and the range is massive.”

Products used for this project:

Euro Birch

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