European Bakery Queenstown

Project Description

European Bakery finesse their produce with a European Birch Store fit-out

European Bakery have been around for 15 years but has only recently (2019) changed hands from the original German owners to Peter Price and Amanda O’Donoghue. Being original customers for years they really knew how important producing bread the ‘old fashioned’ way was.

Amanda and Peter decided to re-fit their bakery and shop in trend with today’s natural fit outs and asked local furniture makers, Kim and Stephen from The Cusp to design and create a shop fit out that really showed off their produce to the best of their ability. Euro Birch was chosen as the choice of plywood as it’s beautiful face quality and fine multi-ply edge grain detail created a really premium decorative panel. Amanda expresses that “the colour of the Birch is perfectly coupled with the black detailing and creates a very European inspired look which fits perfectly with our brand.”

Amanda really liked the layers of plywood exposed in the edge detail, a feature that really sings to the nature of their environment and keeping their products as raw as possible. They also applied a clear food grade finish that is very easy to clean at the end of day.

Their customers really notice the beautiful ply and design that hold all their yummy bread and bagels, even before setting foot in the shop. From the outside customers comment saying it looks like a bread gallery. Amanda states that “the Europeans say it looks just like a bread shop back it home, and the bread tastes just as good as home too! It is the highest compliment we could wish for - European inspired design, European Bread, European approval - the birch ply has certainly been the anchor of the fit out.”

Peter and Amanda believe that ‘A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all’. And the way their beautiful breads, bagels, doughnuts and more are displayed to their customers really sings to this ethos.

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