Cargill Street

Project Description

Cargill St impresses with NZ sourced Radiata Pine plywood

Tiny homes are still inspiring end users and paving the way for joiners and designers. This project on Cargill St is no different, but very distinctive in its own artistic way. Two ‘Pods’ were designed by the owner, well renowned local Dunedin artist Nicola Jackson. For the Cargill St House, Plymasters’ NZ Radiata pine was chosen for the kitchen cabinets and bedroom furniture. The NZ crown cut pine was clashed with American White Oak creating a dramatic contrast finishing off the joinery and furniture. NZ Radiata Pine is a product the company use regularly; “The ‘clear face’ appearance grade makes this a very popular choice for joinery and lining.” It has the warmth and swirled grain that make it stand out in any project.
Rycole Joinery who crafted the job are quality kitchen, joinery and storage designers based in Oamaru that have over 20 years’ experience. The perfect joiner for this unique job - check out the storage drawers inserted into the staircase. Darryl from Rycole Joinery said, ‘it was a very challenging project as the site logistics made it difficult to access with no driveway (108 steps!) and the position being on a 30° slope.” This plywood was an important choice in this project as it had to be lightweight to transport the cabinets and furniture into the site, but durable enough to stand the test of time. Overlooking central Dunedin and the harbour, the pods have a demanding view with beautiful plywood joinery and a whitewashed radiata interior to finish.  

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