Vorlac Blonded Oak

Prefinished Veneer

Product Description

NEW Prelaquered Plywood Range

The Vorlac Plywood is a European Birch plywood Core with a selection of veneer laid on each Face. The option of Natural Oak, Blonded Oak, Natural Birch and Blonded Birch completes our range of prefinished panels. The birch plywood Core ensures a high spec edge detail to go with the classy lacquered faces. This is a premium decorative panel with an A/B grade ensuring 1 perfect face. The back face is of the same veneer species but a B grade veneer. These panels are used nation wide in high spec Joinery and cabinetry applications. These panels have been prefinished in a UV Cured lacquer in 4 different colour options. 

Available in American White Oak (Quercus alba), and the perennial designers’ and joiners’ favourite, Euro Birch (Betula pendula) this exclusive product is set to become the gold standard for pre-finished, UV lacquered ply. No need to head to the paint shop, Vorlac is ready to be installed, saving time and man-hours, while still providing a high-end finish and quality ply. 


  • Kitchen cabinetry
  • Commercial cabinetry
  • Commercial and hospitality furniture
  • Marine interiors
  • Wall Panelling 
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