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Styllus ALS Acoustic linings are the preferred choice of architects and acoustic consultants for premium wall and ceiling panels, and sound absorption applications.It’s perfect for use in large public areas, including; shopping centres, clubs, hotels, auditoriums, churches, gyms, and halls.

Styllus ALS Acoustic is also well suited to the most demanding acoustic control environments such as sound studios and libraries.


  • Commercial Linings
  • Halls and Gyms
  • Churches and Auditoriums
  • Corporate Features
  • Public Buildings/Bars
  • Retail & Reception Areas
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PLYMASTERS Acoustic Lining Ply

Styllus ALS - Acoustic Slotted linings by Plymasters are the preferred choice for premium wall and ceiling panels for sound absorption applications.

Specified by both architects and acoustic consultants, these are also excellent for aesthetic purposes. Slotted panels can be supplied in either Plymasters Multigroove (G1.40) or slotted (six standard patterns) or in any other permutation to achieve the desired results.

The panels can be supplied as bonded to acoustic textile and/or supplied with bulk insulation (with black felt backing).

Whatever the requirements the Styllus team can make available full test results to assist with your acoustic needs.

Perfect for acoustic sound control environments such as churches, bars, shopping centres, Auditoriums, airports, call centres, AV theatres and libraries. Available with ply substrate, lacquered MDF or genuine timber veneer on ply or MDF. 8 different standard designs available.

PLYMASTERS Perforated Acoustic Linings

PLYMASTERS Styllus Perforated sheets come in diagonal, square layout patterns or in any other permutation to achieve the desired results.

The panels can be supplied either as bonded to integrated acoustic textile and/or supplied with bulk insulation, with black felt backing.

PLYMASTERS Styllus ALS - Standard Designs

Styllus ALS Sizing Sheet Standard Designs Header UPLOAD 2

PLYMASTERS Styllus ALS - Special Designs

Styllus ALS Sizing Sheet Special Designs FOR UPLOAD

Torchguard® Ply

Torchguard® Ply

Styllus ALS panels use a top quality NZ Radiata Plywood manufactured in New Zealand. The panels are then factory finished in a flame retardant product, fire tested to group 1S and finished with a solvent lacquer top coat to give a hard, durable surface. All veneers used in the production of NZ Radiata Plywood are produced from plantation grown Pinus Radiata and complies with relevant standards to meet New Zealand Building Codes.
Radiata Plywood can be supplied in a selection of different grades.

Torchguard® MDF Standard

Styllus ALS Torchguard® MDF is a flame retardant, fire tested to group 1S, medium density fibre board. It is produced by one of the world’s premium fire retardant panel manufacturers and is perfect for wall and ceiling linings. The standard Torchguard® MDF is pale pink in color. Styllus ALS Torchguard® can be overlaid with any natural timber veneer for that natural timber look or lacquered in the colour of your choice. We also have a range of Torchguard®
MDF that can be overlaid with Melteca chosen from there extensive colour range.


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