Stylish and Durable Marine Plywood

Known for its strength and stability, our marine plywood is your solution to creating a marine grade fit-out that lasts for years.

Unlike other types of plywood, marine-grade plywood performs well in any area that receives prolonged exposure to moisture. It resists warping, bending and delamination, which often results from too much moisture. Its resistant properties ensure its durability and structural strength on any fit-out project it is used for. Our range of marine plywood is strong, lightweight and virtually free of defects.

Marine ply is a versatile plywood that can be used in constructing many fit-outs such as kitchen joinery, high-end cabinetry and wall panelling. It performs well in both wet and humid conditions, which makes it perfect for both Ute fit-outs and fishing boat interiors. Our Gaboon and Meranti marine plywood are used for boat building, while the Keruing Brownwood is suitable for Ute and RV fit-outs. Using our marine ply enables you to offer the best output to your clients.

As a marine plywood supplier, we always want to make sure our products are made to the highest quality. We manufacture our marine ply from high-quality hardwood logs. We carefully select the right timber to ensure that our marine plywood meets the expectations of builders from different industries.

We have three types of marine plywood for sale. Each have their own features and uses for various industries and environments. Our range of marine ply is compliant with BS 1088, a British Standard for marine plywood. Having our plywood comply with this standard means that you can be sure are getting a quality product. Click on the plywood of your choice to know more details.


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