We Supply a Range of Joinery Ply

We supply different types of joinery plywood that is suitable for constructing many types of joinery products.

Joinery-grade plywood is a versatile building material that is manufactured by layering thin sheets of wood veneer. It is less susceptible to water damage and is stronger than medium-density fibreboards. Joinery ply is made from different wood species such as Pine, Bamboo and Oak. This gives builders various options on what material to use for constructing furniture and fit-outs for their clients.

Our plywood joinery is used in constructing many joinery products for residential and commercial properties. Our SupaLam hard-wearing carcass plywood has features a hardwood core that provides great strength to joinery products. This joinery ply is best used for wooden locker units, kitchen and laundry carcass work and vehicle fit-out interiors.

We also supply a high-pressure laminate joinery ply that has a light suede finish. It has moisture resistant properties which makes it suitable for wall linings, office furniture and wardrobe fit-outs.

We have a collection of various plywood joinery made from top-quality materials. If you are looking for the strongest joinery ply in our collection, choose our Bamboo ply range. Bamboo is 17 per cent harder than maple and 30 per cent harder than oak. Our Bamboo ply has remarkable durability which makes it ideal for cabinetry, benches and bar tops.

Our range also includes a bending joinery ply that is suitable for joinery projects that require a curved fit-out or furniture. Its flexibility is possible through its open grained texture that allows the veneer layer on the outer layer to expand and the inner layer to compress. We also have other high-quality joinery plywood. Browse through our range below.


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