A Contemporary Range of Plywood Interior

Provide your clients with premium interior-grade plywood that provides a warm timber feel to any interior fit-out.

Interior ply is intended for use in interior building projects where a high-quality aesthetic finish is required. Using our interior plywood for your interior projects ensures a consistent strength across the entire length of the fit-out.

Plymasters has a broad range of interior plywood that is suitable for many interior construction projects. Our Grooved Radiata Ply is made from pine veneer. Its clear face appearance quality makes it popular for residential ceilings and walls. It can also be used for constructing shop fittings and classroom linings.

If you are looking for a cost-effective interior-grade plywood, use the Rapidline budget plywood. It is suitable for constructing budget furniture, temporary walls and other economy projects. We also supply premium interior Hoop pine that has excellent multi-ply edge detail for various joinery applications.

Need plywood for interior fit-outs? Plymasters has many types of interior plywood that is made for different types of interior building projects. We offer the Euro Birch interior plywood, ideal for high-end architectural applications. It is constructed using Euro Birch veneer that features a premium decorative panel. Its rotary cut veneer does not have joints to ensure a consistent high-quality finish.

Other than Birch, our range of plywood interior also includes the Classique Ply which is a high grade interior ply. This type of plywood comes in different options such as American White Oak, European Birch and Canadian Red Oak. It is lightweight, stylish and easy to handle giving your interior fit-outs a clean finish. Choose the best interior plywood below.


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