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Construction plywood is a commonly used in construction projects, not just because of its affordability, but because of its versatility.

Construction-grade plywood is an engineered sheet timber product that is made from three or more thin layers of wood veneer. Also known as ‘plies’, they are glued together to form a thicker sheet of wood. Construction ply is economical and capable of being manufactured to precise dimensions. Our range of construction ply is relatively resistant to cracking and warping.

Use our construction-grade plywood in your next building project. If you’re looking for the right plywood for your interior project, use our construction ply that comes in C and D grades. They are made with a marine glue that is used in all aspects for interior construction such as flooring, wall linings, and economy joinery.

We also have Chilean Pine ply that is manufactured from the same timber species as New Zealand Pine. Their clear face appearance makes them the ideal construction plywood for cabinetry, interior furniture and shelving.

Plymasters supplies a wide range of construction ply to the construction industry in New Zealand. Our range includes the Construction Ply H3 that is suitable for exterior and wet area conditions. This type of construction ply is commonly used in many roofing systems as a structural substrate.

We also have a full range of Formply available in our collection of construction plywood. They are available in various strength ratings and are made particularly for commercial construction foundations such as pre-cast concrete formwork, ground beam work and concrete shuttering. If you require special sized sheets of Formply, select the ‘Euro Gripdeck’ range as the second face of these plywood can be used as Formply. Check out our other types of plywood construction below.


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