A Wide Range of Architectural Plywood

Our architectural plywood panels are known for their style and function. From pine to oak, we offer a wide range of timber for our architectural plywood.

Architectural-grade plywood is classified under two types of plywood: Softwood and Hardwood. Softwood plywood is mostly used for joinery projects and industrial purposes. It can vary in thickness and number of plies when used in various projects. On the other hand, hardwood plywood is a stronger type of plywood made from angiosperm trees. The tree is chosen for its surface hardness and resistance to wear and tear.

Architectural plywood panels are a popular choice to construct cabinets, furniture and other general joinery products. Our softwood plywood combines both strength and functionality making it a suitable choice for furniture in homes, schools and offices.

We also have high-pressure laminate (HPL) panels that are valued for their hard-wearing surface. They are recommended for use wherever sturdy exposed edge-grain cabinetry is needed. Other than softwood and HPL panels, we also offer acoustic linings that are ideal for libraries, auditoriums and other areas which need acoustic considerations.

At Plymasters, we supply architectural-grade plywood that balances visual appeal and strength. Whether you need plywood for residential or commercial fit-outs, our wide range of architectural plywood has the right timber for the job. Our collection includes hardwood and softwood plywood that are ideal for modern interiors.

Use our NZ pine for interior linings or shop fit-outs. It is a renewable resource that is harvested from local plantations and meets the standards of the New Zealand building code. Looking for architectural plywood for an extra-large building project? Use our acoustic linings to provide your clients with premium wall and ceiling panels that have sound absorption applications. Click on the plywood of your choice for more details.


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