High-Grade Marine Plywood: The Elegant Material That is Ideal for Boat Building and Marine Cabinets

No matter the culture or location, food preparation has always created activity and social interaction. The communal space for food preparation and cooking has served as the quintessential gathering place for centuries. Today, the kitchen has evolved into a communal space in various settings; whether an office canteen, a yacht’s galley or an apartment’s kitchenette, the kitchen area is the hub of camaraderie and the heart of any home.


However, recent interior designs have created a disconnect between the kitchen and this homeliness, particularly with the increased trends for materials such as glass, marble and granite on kitchen surfaces and panels. Although these materials are selected for their durability and resistance to corrosion, other materials share these characteristics without compromising the room’s aesthetic integrity.


 Marine plywood is engineered to be durable. It also has warm tones and a welcoming appeal that softens the look of any room. Unlike other types of plywood, marine-grade plywood uses waterproof glue and is designed and manufactured to be used in damp environments. The qualities of marine ply make it a popular material for boat construction -- they also make it ideal for kitchen finishes, whether at sea or on land.

 K8Y0005 Tradeline Marine Supalam and HPL Premium

Choosing the Right Ply for Your Design

Much like other types of plywood, marine-grade ply is a versatile material that can be used in any part of the kitchen. It is just a matter of choosing which type best suits your proposed design.

Keruing Brownwood

  • Otherwise known as Keruing Dipterocarpus spp., this type of marine plywood is made from hardwood with an even and open grain, which gives it its structural strength.
  • Dense with a moderately coarse but even texture, Keruing Brownwood can be sanded to a smoother finish and polished with lacquer for a more sophisticated look.
  • Its durability makes it ideal for kitchen cabinets, wall panelling, and flooring.


  • Known to joiners as Meranti BS1088 Shorea spp., this marine plywood is commonly used for boats and other marine applications. The BS1088 indicates that it complies with the set standard for fungal resistance.
  • Meranti has an irregular grain pattern that gives it unique swirls and twists that enhance its visual appeal. A rotary cutter is used in creating this type of plywood to highlight its grain pattern.
  • With its structural integrity, you can use this marine ply for kitchen furniture and countertops.


As an architect, you have the responsibility of guiding your clients towards better building materials. When you design their kitchen, consider the benefits of marine plywood. From its homey aesthetic appeal to its ability to mitigate harmful mould and mildew by way of its water resistance, marine-grade plywood will elevate your kitchen designs.

Plymasters has stylish and durable marine-grade ply that is ideal for the wet and humid conditions in your kitchen. Our plywood options have been engineered to give you beautiful and structurally sound results. You can rely on us to provide the marine plywood that best suits your kitchen design.

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