Fireshield Poplar - NEW

An NZ first - a Plywood that meets Group 1s without having to coat with intumescent Fire Retardent Coating

This ground-breaking product is an aesthetically pleasing and practical solution to increasingly stringent fire regs. for commercial and public buildings, including restaurants and schools.

Eddie Wycherley, Plymasters’ Business Development Manager says finding a 100% Fire Rated Modified Plywood had been on the radar for quite a while, and Plymasters is happy to have met clients’ demands by making it available now.

FR Table 2Euro Polpar


The Fireshield Poplar is decorative, but could also be used as a substrate, or be painted or stained. Cores and faces made of poplar from controlled and sustainable European plantations.

Because the fire-challenging properties of the product are intrinsic (Each ply veneer of the Fireshield Poplar is soaked in Fire Retardent, rather than having a treatment painted on), it can be sanded or machined without losing any of its retardant qualities.

Lightness and durability makes this a very attractive material to use where practicality, safety and cost-effectiveness need to be balanced.

Fireshield Poplar is available in 12mm with a sheet size of 2500 x 1220. This Product Has a European Fire rating of B-s2-d0 which is equivalent to an NZ standard of Group 1


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