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High-Grade Marine Plywood: The Elegant Material That is Ideal for Boat Building and Marine Cabinets

No matter the culture or location, food preparation has always created activity and social interaction. The communal space for food preparation and cooking has served as the quintessential gathering place for centuries. Today, the kitchen has evolved into a communal space in various settings; whether an office canteen, a yacht’s galley or an apartment’s kitchenette, the kitchen area is the hub of camaraderie and the heart of any home.


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Pre-release Wood Book already making ripples

Advance digital copies of the Wood Book, Plymasters’ new 60 page guide to the company’s updated range of timber veneer panels, have already been requested by some early-adopter architects, designers and joiners.


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Texture defining trend at Interzum 2019

Texture defining trend at Interzum 2019


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Why Choose Plywood Over Other Types of Wood

Plywood is an engineered wood product composed of multiple sheets of wood veneer. The veneer boards are pressed and bonded together with strong wood glue, creating one solid piece. Ply uses at least three layers of wood whose grain is laid perpendicular to the other.


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Fireshield Poplar - NEW

An NZ first - a Plywood that meets Group 1s without having to coat with intumescent Fire Retardent Coating


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A Natural Look

Using Plywood Provides an Environmentally Sustainable Solution for Construction and Interior Design


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Create Warmth and Ambiance in Your Lobby with Euro Birch Plywood

As the saying goes, you have one chance to make an excellent first impression.


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Creative Uses of Plywood for Homes

Plywood is a durable and pliable material that has mainly been used for structural and exterior applications. In recent months, it started becoming an alternative to traditional plasterboard. It is also growing in popularity because of its warm, organic and simple feel.


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How Kiwis Can Live Large in Tiny Homes

There are many kinds of space saving methods you can incorporate when planning the interior of your home. For example, you can position your bed in the living room by creating a second level that’s accessible via step ladder. Also, you can take advantage of the space under the stairs by turning them into drawers. When planning the interior, make sure to use every space wisely to make your home efficient but not cramped.


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